Инструкция сканер yupiteru mvt-7000

инструкция сканер yupiteru mvt-7000
The ^ and v symbols represent up and down arrows. Rather than requiring the use of a beat frequency oscillator (BFO), the 7100 uses true carrier injection to provide SSB reception. The MVT-7100 has a 15db attenuator feature built-in, but you select it with a keyboard combination, rather than with a separate button. Sound quality The MVT-7100 has a 100 mW amp that gives good quality sound through the internal speaker. You may need to be as far away as 20 feet from a computer to avoid this problem.

The adaptor is a 200 mA, 100VAC adaptor, which is not really adequate for operating the scanner in America. If you operate the scanner with this adaptor, the unit will tend to heat up quite a bit. It is fine for charging the batteries while turned off. Should be able to do 1 second or less. This works the way it does in most scanners, although there isn’t a separate display indicator for lockout. One or two new features include the ability to transfer a frequency from memory to VFO to allow manual tuning up/down from that frequency &amp Program Scan which allows a maximum of any 10 channels from the 200 to be put in one scan bank for recall. Note that there is a limit to the number of files you can download.

While adequate in volume for normal applications, you may need additional amplification when using the 7100 in the car. The build does not help, plus being vintage radios faults are likelier. When you do a programmed scan of a bank, only the programmed channels are scanned. For example, let’s say that you put all 40 CB channels into the first 40 channels in bank 5 (401-440). CB is in AM mode.

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