Инструкция yamaha 3 amhs

инструкция yamaha 3 amhs
Page 77 Cylinder head 2. Measure the valve spring tilt b. Replace Valve stem diameter b: if out of specification. Depending on operating conditions, the intervals of maintenance should be changed. Consult your Yamaha dealer or other qualified mechanic if the… Page 79 4) Run the engine at a fast idle for 10~15 minutes. 5) Just prior to turning off the engine, quickly spray “Yamaha Stor-Rite Engine Fogging Oil” (Part No. LUB- STRRT-12-00) into the silencer cover.

Page 126 Printed in Japan April 2001—0.5 66M-28199-15 (F15AMH/F15AEH/F15AEP/F15AEHP) Printed on recycled paper… Ventilation Gasoline vapor and exhaust gas are heavier than air and extremely poisonous. Yes! Yamaha sends all HPDI and four-stroke engines out with a warning label that is placed on top of the cowling. Карта сайта Написать нам 5% скидка на товары водномоторного ассортимента по дисконтной карте.

Turning in c c ® Idling speed increases. However, while they can answer technical questions, they cannot provide you with troubleshooting support. If you are looking for troubleshooting support we recommend that you go to a Yamaha dealership. Refer to “VALVE CLEARANCE AD- JUSTMENT“ section. 2. Start the engine and let it warm up for several minutes.

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