Polygon cruncher инструкция

polygon cruncher инструкция
Compressor Quality When using Crunch Texture compression, use the slider to adjust the quality. A higher compression quality means larger Textures and longer compression times. Highlight Removal Like removing shadows from a texture, it is also possible to remove highlights. The model can also be physically created using 3D printing devices.

Custom batch operations (conversion, optimization or anything else) Edit file description (keywords, comments…) Report abuse. Often, different parts of the game and different situations perform differently as well. This article describes the generation of a net of triangles. In literature there are contributions which deal with the optimization of a given net. Other representations also exist, such as half-edge and corner tables. However you can always use a Poly Cruncher like the built in ProOptimizer Modifier to reduce the polycount, though you might lose some of the finer details. However, VV meshes benefit from small storage space and efficient morphing of shape.

Unlike polygon meshes , which represent only the surface as polygons, volumetric meshes also discretize the interior structure of the object. The above figure shows the «box-cylinder» example as an FV mesh. For example, it is easier to deal with triangles than general polygons, especially in . For certain operations it is necessary to have a fast access to topological information such as edges or neighboring faces; this requires more complex structures such as the winged-edge representation. While he used this technique on a head shot, I found this technique to work well on rocks, especially the ones that have an overall similar coloration. This representation is widely used in modeling programs to provide the greatest flexibility in dynamically changing the mesh geometry, because split and merge operations can be done quickly. Normal Quality The Texture is compressed with a standard format.

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