Crystal puzzle луна инструкция на русском языке

Put down the EARTH GLOBE STAND (C) and SATURN GLOBE STAND (D). Place the FOUR-POINTED STAR, FIVE-POINTED STAR, and SIX-POINTED STAR on the niches (E). Take the OWL EMBLEM (F). Play the HOP. You receive the BOOK CREST (G). Walk down. Zoom into the gate on the left; put the 5 FEATHERS on the lock to activate a puzzle. This board is then fed into a press. Archived from the original on 2010-08-17. Retrieved January 4, 2011. ^ «Crash: Mind over Mutant Reviews». GameRankings. Bottom and top lane brushes are now centered between their respective towers (previously off-centered by ~450 units). Ambient critters have been added in the map. Retrieved 2008-01-27. ^ «Crash Boom Bang! (Nintendo DS) at Game Rankings». GameRankings.

Собственно говоря, вы можете составить из магнитных шариков все, что угодно, вплоть до оригинальных украшений – браслетов, колье, диадем. Zoom into the sand; use the SHOVEL in the sand and take the PICKAXE (Y). Go through the doorway. Количество деталей: 47Высота готовой фигуры: 15,2 смУпаковка: глянцевая цветная коробкаИнструкция на русском языкеТовар продается оптом Цена: 440 руб Количество: 3D головоломка Сова янтарная Артикул 90247 Хит продаж!
Place the BLUE LION BADGE (L) and RED LION BADGE (M) on the niches. Retrieved 2008-01-27. ^ «Aggregate score for GameCube at Metacritic». Metacritic. Take the STAR FIGURINE (U) and GOLDEN WINGS (V). Take the CARVED WOODEN HAT (W). Walk down twice. Examine and use the CABINET KEY on the cabinet; take the CRESCENT PLATE (Y). Back out.

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