Citroen c5 2001 инструкция

citroen c5 2001 инструкция
Page 66 AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT DRIVE BELT C5 — All Types Engine : 4HX With air conditioning TOOLS [1] Dynamic tensioner compression lever : (-).0188.Z [2] Peg Ø 4 mm : (-).0188.Q1 Remove. WARNING : mark the direction of fitting in case the belt is to be reused. The maintenance interval for normal operation 5W30 cannot be used in the following engines: is 30,000 km (20,000 miles) for petrol engines. Книга является точной копией аналогичного пособия от издательства ЧижовкаISBN 978-5-91770-212-4. Bang for your buck What really sets Citroen C5 cars for sale apart from its competitors is the Hydractive suspension which allows it to electronically adjust ride height to accommodate the speed and road conditions that are currently being experienced.

Page 119 C5 — All Types CHECKS : TURBO PRESSURE Engine : RHY Engines : RHY — RHS — RHZ TOOLS. [1] Pressure gauge for checking boost pressure : 4073-T.A Kit 4073-T [2] Sleeve for checking boost pressure : 4185-T [3] Adaptor sleeve : 4219-T Checks. Устраивало практически всё: комфорт, размеры, поведение на дороге, расход бензина. What to check Checking for a full service history is a must, because the nature of the unusual suspension means that you will want to make sure everything is in full working order before you buy. Page 120 C5 — All Types CHECKS : TURBO PRESSURE Engines : RHY — RHS — RHZ Procedure. ESSENTIAL : Observe the following checking requirements : — Engine at running temperature. — Vehicle in running order. — Engine at full load. — Start the engine.

Used Citroen C5 Cars for Sale | The Citroen C5 saloon is a good-looking car which brings together the performance of a strong engine with the convenience and comfort of a family vehicle. The variation of flux necessary to the movement of the sensor cells is obtained by a magnet located on the lever itself. Updated chevron logos, eye catching alloy wheels and a wealth of sultry curves mean it’s easy on the eye to say the least. Page 133 C5 — All Types CHECKS AND ADJUSTMENTS : BE4/5 GEARBOX CONTROLS Engines : 6FZ — RFN — RLZ — RHY Tools. [1] Tool for positioning the gearbox control lever 8605-T Toolkit 9040-T Adjustments.

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