Инструкция к fmc boeing

Ground Proximity Flap Override Switch OVRD Note : Operate engine at idle for remainder of flight. Thrust Levers CLOSED During de-icing, operate engines at idle to reduce the possibility of injury to personnel at inlet or exhaust areas. Most aircraft have just one FMC, but there is an option to have two this is usually only taken by operators into MNPS airspace eg Oceanic areas.

Notice that the reduced takeoff N1’s (90.5/89.6) are different for each engine. However, the FMC will not compute takeoff speeds for weights where the required speed increase exceeds the maximum certified speed increase. When it is used for other than pressurization problems or contamination of cabin atmosphere, the oxygen procedures may be omitted.

Depressurize on command: Pack switches off Outflow valve switches both manual Oi itfln\A/ \/al\/P mani ml switches both closed APU switch off If no IRO: Secure loose gear Secure cockpit door open W Fuel control switches to cutoff Override and pull APU fire Proceed to overwing area. switch. Backs up automatic deployment of the RAT. Airspeed ABOVE 270 KTS Ensures best windmill start capability. Once the engines are started, they will remain ON and INOP will disappear. Selecting MAX RATE from a climb page will show this page with the target speed not highlighted and the ERASE option available until the EXEC button is pressed. If EXEC is pressed you can return to ECON by line selecting it. Before the IRS can be properly aligned, it has to know where the aircraft is currently located.

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