Инструкция к игре x

инструкция к игре x
Tap the gear near the bottom right corner to change your aircraft or region, or tap the white plane to the right of that and start flying! Reboot Phase All your cards in Sleep (landscape position) are Reboot (switch to portrait position). Draw Phase Draw 2 cards from your deck. You can see which aircraft have yet to be purchased in Freeflight–swipe left or right on the screen to find any aircraft which have a green button with a price. Button 1 is the only button needed to play. VOLUME: The sound adjustment control can be found in the back-left of the keyboard/mouse drawer, it is the primary way to adjust the sound. They are no longer in production however, so the cost is inflated for the remaining stock. See Advanced Power Options for other power options.

See the section App Integration for more information. For example, to add a font to a private directory, the following commands could be used: % cp newfont.pcf ~/myfonts % mkfontdir ~/myfonts % xset fp rehash The xfontsel and xlsfonts programs can be used to browse through the fonts available on a server. The default value is /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/locale. XENVIRONMENT This must point to a file containing X resources. Playing an Event You can play an Event card from your Hand after paying the Cost. A played Event card have its effect immediately resolved. Tap “Save” in the bottom right corner to keep any changes, or the “Reset Defaults” button can be used to set the sliders back to their original spots.

Join Match: Here you can join a multiplayer scenario that someone else has set up. For example: :0, :1, and :0.1. The most efficient local transport will be chosen. TCP/IP The hostname part of the display name should be the server machine’s IP address name. Figure 7: The HUD Display, with colored boxes highlighting important features The ticking tape on the left side of the screen scrolls with the craft’s airspeed, and the number in the box (highlighted in blue in Figure 7) displays the craft’s actual airspeed in knots. This is due to the fact that the aircraft’s vertical velocity slows to zero, then becomes negative, while its nose is still pointing up. Scroll through the failure options by swiping up or down on the screen.

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