Car system polyester инструкция

car system polyester инструкция
Liquid-crystal polymers A newer type of thermoplastic, melt processible, with high orientation in molding, improved tensile strength, and high-temperature capability. Industrial process monitoring shows that airborne respirable fibril levels are low in typical operations. The epoxy molecule can also be expanded or cross-linked with other molecules to form a wide variety of resin products, each with distinct performance characteristics. Oriented materials Composites whose constituents are aligned in a particular way.

Matrix A material in which the fiber of a composite is imbedded; it can be plastic, metal, ceramic, or glass. Thus the hazard information for all products used in the process must be considered when evaluating potential exposures. The evidence from human and animal studies was evaluated by IARC as insufficient to classify continuous-filament glass fibers a possible, probable, or confirmed cancer-causing material. These components may also be given off during the curing process. Metal-matrix composites Materials in which continuous carbon, silicon carbide, or ceramic fibers are embedded in a metallic matrix material.

Aramid Aromatic polyamide fibers characterized by excellent high-temperature, flame-resistance, and electrical properties. Sandwich construction A composite composed of a lightweight core material (usually honeycomb or foamed plastic) to which two relatively thin, dense, high-strength, functional, or decorative skins (also called faces) are adhered. For this reason it would be difficult, if not impossible, to separate the solvents into the categories of use.

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