Инструкция ion the game

Starships travelling through a nebula are reduced in speed to warp 1 (one parsec per year), and perhaps more importantly, deflector and planetary shields do not function inside nebulas. Technology Ratio Bars: The technology ratio bars on the right allow you to divide up the total research points accumulated from all of your planets between the six areas of science. To adjust the current ratios, click the mouse icon on the appropriate bar position that you wish to change. Force Field technology is used to develop deflector shields, planetary defense shields, repulsor beams, stasis fields, lightning shields, and the cloaking device. Races: controls your interactions with other races you have contacted. Furthermore, your computer tech level improves your chances for success in espionage missions and sabotage operations.

Before sending colonists to uninhabited planets, you must send a ship with a «Colony Base» Special device to establish a Base on that planet. Status Button: Will bring up the Status Screen which gives a report on the state of the galaxy. Sabotage undermines a specific colony by destroying missile bases or factories, or inciting rebellion among the populace. As long as you have any spy networks in an empire, your Report on their current technology (see the Races screen) will be current.

Exchange Technology: allows the trading of technology between empires. Ближе к объективу расположено ушко для ремня с металлическим зацепом. Note that you do not need a colony ship if you are assaulting a planet with an established alien colony. * High Energy Focus units increase the effective firing range of all beam weapons by three spaces in combat. Planetary shields cost 100 BC per class to build. * Repulsor beams push adjacent enemy starships one space away. * Stasis Field Generators trap enemy ships in a time bubble. Therefore, if you consistently break treaties and attack an opponent, he will be very unwilling to form new treaties and will only accept trades which benefit him more than you.

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