Super конвертер инструкция

Its stand-alone computer is programmed to control all trans functions and features a diagnostic port for connection to scanning equipment. The TH700 uses a unique torque converter that will bolt right up to a TH350’s flexplate. TH200-4R Swap The TH200-4R has been available almost as long as the TH700-R4 but is unanimously overlooked as a performance transmission option. This may sound like a lot to swallow in one gulp, but one astute reader sent us a very detailed list outlining the modifications needed and the costs involved with making his T56 swap a reality. This means you’re ready for the future with Ultra HD compatibility! 3G-SDI The standard for SD and HD converters!

Low SDI jitter and SDI re-clocking means you can run long cable lengths without any loss of video quality. Truth is, the TH200-4R is just as capable and actually easier to swap in than a TH700-R4. It is ideal if you’re replacing a TH350 or Powerglide trans because a TH200-4R will practically install itself into a TH350/Powerglide–equipped car. And the same shifter can be used to control either a TH350 or TH400. Overdrive Automatic Swaps Starting in the early ’80s, GM began installing four-speed automatic overdrive transmissions to improve gas mileage. The hydraulic clutch master cylinder assembly for the T56 (PN 12559912) can be purchased complete and pre-bled, ready to install from any Chevrolet dealer.
Often it makes sense to run the second cable on a different route than the first. If the main input is lost, the converter automatically switches over to the second input, so you’re always on air! Blackmagic Mini Converters with 3G-SDI are perfect when you don’t need the extra cost of the Ultra HD models! Its wiring harness has a built-in diagnostic port that will allow the connection of the modern scanning electronics present in any Chevrolet dealership’s garage to track down and diagnose any transmission-related problems. The variable-pitch stator was eliminated after 1967. This feature was not used on the Pontiac versions of this transmission. With so many conversion options, there’s no limit to the equipment you can connect! Somewhere between the marketing publicity and our unskilled attempts at usage lies a middle ground of what we can do with such an app.

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