Nec dt700 series инструкция

Figure 4.26 Hold key Figure 4.27 Call on Hold and Resume Soft Key Enter the phone number you want to call. After you press the Feature key, you will see a Speed Dial help screen. Figure A.6 Group Soft Key A-166 DT700 User Manual… Page 179: Do Not Disturb (dnd) The Icon Display will indicate that the phone is set to Do Not Disturb and all incoming phone calls will be sent to voice mail or hear a fast busy signal. Page 42 CID Call Display To verify(with multi-line phone) Press Speaker key. Select Network Information. 3-49 DT700 User Manual… Page 62: To View The Maximum Numbers Of Calls You Can Handle On Your Phone Status menu. Dial desired intercom station number (0-9). Tone Called party burst is sent.

Page 25 To Originate an Outside Call Press Hold. Select Call History. 5-78 DT700 User Manual… Page 91: To View Placed Calls Directory is shown. Example: D term Station B is engaged in a conversation, IN:BACK 0900 and allows Dterm Station A to enter the call in progress. 4:26 PM TUE 12 FEB 2008 Station 2000, while engaged in conversation, presses Conf key. Press Enter the cursor pad or the OK Soft Key. Having the ability to answer remotely greatly increases your productivity. Line appearance indicates on other phones appears as a solid red LED. Page 27 To Transfer a Call After conversing, ask party to hold.
The advantage of using a Direct-Connect cable versus an amplifier is cost. Figure 5.150 Speed Dial Edit Confirmation 5-133 DT700 User Manual… Page 146: To Edit A Speed Dial Key Figure 5.153 Programmable Key LED Press the Edit Soft Key. Figure 5.166 Feature Key Press the Speed Dial Key that you want to delete.

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