Инструкция генератор сигналов г3-102

The model C did not contain the chorus generator, but had space in the cabinet for it to be fitted. These instruments were not as popular with musicians as the tonewheels had been, and the company went out of business in 1985. The Hammond name was purchased by the Suzuki Musical Instrument Corporation, which proceeded to manufacture digital simulations of the most popular tonewheel organs. The instrument was bulky, because the alternators had to be large enough to generate high voltage for a loud enough signal. Other groups started taking advantage of cheaper and more portable synthesizers that were starting to come onto the market.The Stranglers’ Dave Greenfield was an exception to this, and used a Hammond onstage during the band’s early career. Around two million Hammond organs have been manufactured. The tone cabinet was originally the only method of adding reverb to a Hammond organ; reverb was not fitted to older organs.

The modifications created, in Banton’s own words, «unimaginable sonic chaos.» Joey DeFrancesco has achieved critical success in the jazz genre using both original tonewheel Hammonds and the «New B-3». The Hammond was a key instrument in progressive rock music. Organ trios were hired by jazz club owners, who found that organ trios were a much cheaper alternative to hiring a big band. Mel Bay Publications. ISBN 978-1-61911-016-8. Gallagher, Mitch (2008). The Music Tech Dictionary: A Glossary of Audio-Related Terms and Technologies. Spinet models have 12 or 13-note miniature pedalboards.

The other drawbars generate various other harmonics and subharmonics of the note.[17] While each individual drawbar generates a relatively pure sound similar to a flute or electronic oscillator, more complex sounds can be created by mixing the drawbars in varying amounts. Unfortunately, the organ was not particularly well made, and suffered a reputation for being unreliable. Даны практические рекомендации по отысканию и устранению неисправностей.

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