Инструкция fly-motion

инструкция fly-motion
Instead, use the Save option in the File menu (Command-S on the keyboard), or click the «Apply Preferences» button in the corner of the window, to apply the changes you have made. Choose Browser from the Window menu to open the Browser: Select one or more cameras and specify a date, and the Browser will display all files matching these criteria. You can also create Group windows that contain whichever cameras you choose to add to them. This is useful in a large installation, to organise cameras into logical groups. In addition, each camera can be displayed in its own individual video window.

Therefore the use of a self-signed certificate for SecuritySpy is entirely suitable; simply ignore the warning displayed by the web browser. Status: the letters C, M and A indicate the three modes that can be separately armed or disarmed: Continuous Capture, Motion Capture and Actions. On the client Mac Go to Preferences -> Cameras and add a new network device. Timed daily access This setting allows you to restrict access to the web server via this account to certain times of the day.

Unfortunately it is not very widely supported. SFTP: sometimes called SSH File Transfer Protocol, this is a widely-supported secure file transfer protocol that provides secure encrypted communication. Motion Vectors If enabled, the line has motion vectors rendered into the Camera motion vector Texture. CPU: the approximate amount of one processor core of the Mac’s CPU that is being used.

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