Kenwood tm 721g инструкция пользователя

kenwood tm 721g инструкция пользователя
Take all of the regular precautions to make sure that you and your tools are properly grounded for anti-static work. Инструкции, описания и схемы, которые мы высылаем по запросу.2. Дополнительный список. Disconnect the power supply and antenna from the transceiver. Here is how.Disconnect po and antenna Remove top and bottom covers 2 screws) Remove the silver coloured screws from the front panel chassis.(2 on each side, 1 on p, 1 on bottom) Pulfront panel away from the dio but DO NOT disconnect cables. Don’t transmit out of band and don’t allow others to, even if they’re licensed for those frequencies!TM-721A Low/No VHF Transmit PowerSome early model TM-721A transceivers may develop low or no output power on the VHF band. The LCD subunit is attached to the control unit assembly by bent tabs which are easily undone.

While it is fairly simple to install the SignaLink, it is possible to DAMAGE YOUR RADIO or the SignaLink by incorrectly installing it! The apparent useful tuning range is about 420-460, with sensitivity dropping off sharply at either end.Naturally, the best performance is in the middle (the Ham Band :-).Similarly, the VHF tuning range is extended in the same manner. Next, remove the top cover and then open the front panel assembly into the service position. To do this, remove the four silver screws, one on the top, one on the bottom, and one from each side. Check your radio manual for availability of these features and add the appropriate jumpers.

Jumper Wire Color — The jumper wires in the diagrams below are shown in color for illustrative purposes only. Look for the 3.3K resistor comming off pin 9 of the last IF stage. After you have installed the jumpers, be sure to set the sound card audio levels as outlined in the SignaLink manual. If you do not set the levels correctly, then the SignaLink may not transmit, and you might mistake the problem for incorrect jumper settings. Note that there is a limit to the number of files you can download. Модификация радиостанций Эволюция схемотехники передатчиков переносных радиостанций диапазонов UHF и VHF за последние несколько лет.

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