Инструкция на кенвуд ат398uv

инструкция на кенвуд ат398uv
Both CTCSS & DCS encode at the proper levels. The faceplate is removable and a standard Cat5 cable extends from the unit quite effectively. The transmit Audio is well equalized and sounds very good, not overdriven, not tin-penny and not muffled. The body of the radio is the heat sink and is well designed, as the fins are facing up, which helps a great deal for proper heat dissipation. The words Compander / Companding is simply a linguistic blend of the words, Compressing and Expanding. Very much worth the money, in my opinion. lastly, thank you Ed for the great customer service! It’s always a pleasure doing business with you.

Add to this 700+ memory channels and cross-band repeat and you simply cannot beat it, price not even considered. If you consider the price, well, you will be more than satisfied. Another rare feature (undocumented in the manual), usually available only on more costly commercial or public safety radios and is known by several terms like Squelch Tail Elimination, Anti Squelch Crash, Reverse Burst, etc. Some low score reviews can be found on the internet, where the issue described seem to be a Birdie (a false or phantom signal). A common issue in most modern radios as they have small but powerful microprocessors inside that can occasionally emit unwanted signals.

You can choose 32 levels for each of the 3 colors (Red, Blue, Green) for the display color. Hard to beat anywhere!By DanielI got one of these radios after hearing one on the air, Great Price! and includs a full Separation Kit, USB Programming Cable and Software. Overall, the Microphone has a great look, good weight and feels like a professional/ commercial Mic. The speaker is nice, loud and clear. CTCSS & DCS Decode is very fast. Being able to adjust all of «default» power on settings through the software is nice. Mostly used when operating in narrow band mode. It helps minimize noise and maximize the dynamic range of your voice, best used only when other stations support Companding.

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