Инструкция panasonic rr

инструкция panasonic rr
Recording is possible even if the clock is not set. Hold function This function prevents accidental operation when you put the unit in your pocket or bag. It also prevents battery loss from accidental unit operation. The unit plays all files in order from the selected one to the last one. Slide recording position switch to select a position.

Howling occurs when listening to the recording in progress with earphones. Soak the cloth in water, wring it thoroughly and use it for cleaning when the unit is very dirty. Press to confirm the item. *Avoid pressing too much when you turn the quick search dial. Press MENU/ REPEAT • “ ” (blinking) and “ (Only “ SPEED MENU/ REPEAT • Press i to select “ STOP Press u , i to select playback speed.

Page 15: Preventing Unnecessary Recording (vas), Timer Recording HOLD ERASE FOLDER ZOOM g Preventing unnecessary recording (VAS: Voice Activated System) Recording is automatically paused if there is no sound for more than 3 seconds. Page 22: Recording To / From A Cassette Tape Recording to / from a cassette tape Read the operating instructions for the connected equipment. g Recording to a cassette tape recorder etc. Sound files of speakers whose voices have not been registered in training cannot be converted to text correctly. Continued use may cause rashes or other allergic reactions. g Listening caution You should use extreme caution or temporarily discontinue use in potentially hazardous situations. Page 6 A maximum of 99 files can be stored in each folder. FOLDER File Remaining recording time (➜ page 13) may become shorter than periods listed in this table.

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