Инструкция видеокамера canon xa10

инструкция видеокамера canon xa10
Page 144: Additional Information, Appendix: Menu Options Lists, Func. The XA10 represents a departure for Canon professional camcorders. Refer to the Installation Guide (supplied leaflet) and follow the instructions in the Software Guide (PDF file) to install the supplied PIXELA’s software. Canon Native 1920 x 1080 CMOS Image Sensor Designed and manufactured exclusively by Canon, the XA10 Professional Camcorder incorporates a native 1/3-inch, 1920 x 1080 CMOS Image Sensor, delivering superb Full HD video recording with minimal noise. Page 175: Using The Camcorder Abroad You can use the compact power adapter to operate the camcorder and to charge battery packs in any country with power supply between 100 and 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz. Consult a Canon Service Center for information on plug adapters for overseas use.

Page 40: Initializing The Memory Using a Memory Card Initializing the Memory Initialize memory cards when you use them with this camcorder for the first time. The touch-screen can also be used for touch (spot) focusing, focus tracking of moving subjects, and touch (spot) exposure. Operating mode Mode switch Playback Press the camera/play button S to switch the camcorder between camera (recording) mode and playback mode.

Динамический оптический стабилизатор изображения, усиленный стабилизатор изображения, система мгновенной автофокусировки Расширенная система динамической оптической стабилизации Canon с режимом усиленной стабилизации изображения обеспечивают стабильность изображения при съемке. Features a shockless, variable speed 10x optical zoom and 8-blade iris for more attractive bokeh effect.1/3 type HD CMOS Pro sensorAn HD CMOS Pro sensor – originally designed and manufactured by Canon for its professional camcorders — captures Full HD at native 1920×1080 resolution. Select items to adjust, such as aperture or other settings, with the key. You can mix the original audio and the background music and adjust the background music mix balance to your preference. Page 71: Image Effects Image Effects You can adjust the color depth, brightness, contrast, and sharpness of the image.

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